What is the ?

The is a play club for GAY men who share a passionate interest in bondage, SM, leather and rubber.

We have members at all experience levels. Some are new the the lifestyle while others have years free fuck tonight of experience. Each member brings new skills or insights to be shared with the club.

The promotes safe, sane and consensual bondage and other SM activities.

Of course, having fun is important too. The club allows members to play out their free hookup apps fantasies in a safe, supportive environment and meet new friends who share their interests.

What does the do?

Lots of bondage - rope, chain, leather restraints, manacles, leg irons, or whatever handy items our members can pervert to restrain an individual. SM activities like whipping, flogging and humiliation also take place.

The periodically hosts private play parties for members and guests. We provide the dungeon location and major equipment. We have a bondage chair, a St. Andrew's cross, a stock, a dog cage, and some basic gear. As well, members bring and share their free dating apps own gear. Activities are a lot more varied and intense than events at our monthly Detroit Eagle meeting.

Periodically the puts on public demonstrations to aid the community and in support of other free sex hookup sites leather clubs including the Triangle Foundation, LIFE Detroit, DARK, Tribe's "Do A Fool" run and Wolfpack.

Join the !

Join the fun with the on the fourth Sunday of each month starting at 9 p.m. at the Detroit Eagle (1501 Holden).

At 9 p.m. there is a brief meeting on the activities of the . An informational demonstration, on topics like rope bondage, violet wands, flogging, mummification, sensory deprivation, breath control, shaving, skin sensitivity, straitjackets and leather restraints, takes place at 9:30 (volunteers always welcome). The the play starts at 10 p.m.

We'd really like to meet you! All GAY men over 21 years old are welcome at the Sunday meetings at the Detroit Eagle. Start experiencing your fantasies with new friends!

The holds periodic private parties and events (a suggested $5 contribution will help to cover the costs of each event).

Explore our site and learn more about us. You will find recent meeting photos, member profiles, "do it yourself" projects, and the latest news. Then join us for our next meeting!

Detroit Bondage Club Parties Rules of Play

Come and meet us!

The holds their monthly meetings in the upstairs bar at the Detroit Eagle, 1501 Holden, starting around 9pm on the fourth Sunday of the month.
Jan 27, Feb 24, Apr 27, May 25, June 22, Jul 27, Aug 24, Sep 28, Oct 26, Nov 23, Dec 28
If you´re a novice or more experienced at rope work, come on down and join in.

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